When it comes to wedding planning the happy prospect of getting married can be overshadowed by the idea of planning your wedding. But it doesn’t have to be. There are no rights or wrongs and traditions can be put aside.

My first advice would be to organise your wedding planning tasks into a priority order. Like doing bitesize revisions for exams, little tasks of wedding planning will keep the stress level down.

Having photographed hundreds of weddings, I amassed lots of examples brilliant ideas. Many of them are my couple’s fabulous ideas. I’ll be adding to this section of my wedding photography blog as often as I can. Lots of things are in the pipeline. So come back and check it out regularly!

Here to help

Planning your wedding day can be overwhelming. It's probably the first time you are planning an event of this size! As a wedding photographer, I often see the whole day as it unfolds. 

The great news is, I am happy to share all my knowledge about wedding planning with you. 

I've collected lots of advice and tips into a few articles here. I hope you will find them useful. And please remember, I am happy to answer any questions. So feel free to pick up the phone and get in touch. Yana x

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