As Chester wedding venues go – Oakfield manor Chester Zoo is the most quirky and wild wedding venue. And I’m your photographer if you are planning your Chester Zoo wedding.

Oakfield Manor Chester Zoo Weddings

I have spent a lot of my children’s childhood at the Chester Zoo. And for over the past 10 years I’ve photographed some amazing weddings there. Featured on the “Secret life of the Zoo” documentary, this place has provided an inspiration to many of my brides and grooms.

Animals are the first obvious attraction. Having your wedding ceremony with the lion roaring at the background is pretty wild. Not Cheshire like, more Kenya like. The newly restored glorious Oakfield Manor is the next reason to get married in Chester Zoo. Built in 1885, it boasts ornate fireplaces, wooden panelled walls and a staircase as well as other original Tudor-style features.

Little more decoration is required when the venue provides the stunning setting and the entertainment.

These are some of my favourite images from Oakfield Manor Chester Zoo weddings.

Chester zoo wedding photography in media

The top wedding blog – Brides Up North have featured this unforgettable wedding. If I could compare my couples with animals – Samantha was definitely a cat. A big elegant cat in the body of a petite woman. It was wonderful to take pictures of her and Dan like we’ve never done before in the Chester Zoo. Much more posey but supper stylish and elegant. Always.

Chester Zoo weddings in Spring

Spring is a fabulous time to have your wedding. I love Chester Zoo gardens at this time of the year, especially the Sunken Garden.

Sarah and Stu have chosen to have a ceremony as well as the celebrations in Oakfield Manor. And then we had a walk around the Zoo and Sarah collected heaps of compliments from the admiring public… I am sure she felt like a princess and she certainly looked it.

Chester Zoo celebrates with Queen Elizabeth II

On the day when the Queen celebrated her 90th birthday, we had a many special guests from the Buckingham Palace. Celebrating the wedding of Victoria and Andy their dear friends also happened to be members of the Royal Household of the United Kingdom.

I was smitten by the fact that I was issuing (gentle) instructions to the people who normally support the Queen in her duties!

These are some of my favourite images from the day.

Chester Zoo weddings for animal lovers

Lawrie was absolutely crazy about all animals, so for her and Tom the Zoo was the perfect location to get married. Having started her bridal preparations at the nearby DoubleTree Hilton hotel, she was on cloud nine when she arrived to the Oakfield Manor.

Apparently unintentionally, Lawrie had a really endearing part of her wedding gown which brought associations with a Disney Princess. (Who all loved the animals…as you remember). Lawrie wore the lightest lace cape and looked amazing.

We did a couple of walks around the Zoo with Lawrie and Tom. First, it was only the newlyweds and me – much needed time for the couple to spend together just looking at each other, soaking up the fact that they just got married.

We went around the zoo later in the evening again, but this time with the family and friends. After wet start to the day, the sun was now bright and warm and we made another great set of images!

This was an Oakfield Manor Chester Zoo wedding like no other. Enjoy the pictures!

Yana x

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A few more of my favourite images from my Chester Zoo weddings 🙂

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