over accepting an offer from a well meaning friend

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You probably can guess or or two reasons why it’a a good idea to pass on the offer from your relative or a friend to shoot your wedding and hire a professional wedding photographer instead.

Below are 10 reasons why you might think an offer from a well meaning friend with a good camera to photograph your wedding is a tempting proposition. 

I want to walk you through each of the 10 reasons and and show how it works in reality.


You might think getting ready in the morning and throughout the day you will find it easier to be yourself in front of your friends.

I am a very easy to get on with person and have your best interests at heart! I go out of my way to chat with you as often as needed before the wedding.  If possible, I encourage you to have an engagement shoot to help you with “being in front of the camera” nerves. Any part of your wedding planning – recommendations of suppliers or help with your timeline – I am there to offer my experience.

Many of my couples stay in touch way past their wedding day. It’s not uncommon for me to photograph their family celebrations as their family grows.

“Yana became part of our family the day of our wedding, she made our day so special capturing secret moments and perfect snippets of our day  we will always remember due to our magical photos. She is incredibly professional  whilst putting you completely at easy – she knows how to get that amazing shot!” Anna and Jamie xx


Most professional photographers deliver images anywhere between 3-12 weeks. So the idea of getting your wedding photos ASAP is really attractive.

The problem is, your well meaning fried probably have a full-time job  and family commitments which despite their best intentions will distract them from working on your pictures.

They might be great at shooting for their pleasure. However it’s unlikely that they are used to a high volume of editing and making crucial decisions about culling.

If they don’t cull, then  they’ll have a really high volume of images to edit. Which only means a longer time to edit!

Professional wedding photographers know exactly what involves  culling and editing photos. We have a workflow which makes the process efficient and consistent.

My workflow starts from the moment I start shooting the wedding. I know exactly what to look out for and what not to miss. Once home after the weddingI back up all the images before I even think about going to bed.

Does your friend expect a high volume  of editing work once the wedding is over? Will they take as good care about your wedding images?


As much as the wedding is about the people, there are so many little details which make each wedding unique. Of course you would like to have all of them captured in the best possible way.

It takes skills to capture pictures of the details. Special gifts like cufflinks, watches… hand-tied wedding favours… As they say “it’s all in the detail!”

Choose professional wedding photographerHire a professional wedding photographer

4.  COST

This is a big one. Considering that pictures will be the only thing which will remain with you forever after the wedding vows are said, the cake is eaten and the flowers have wilted…

What cost do YOU place on capturing the most emotional, life-changing, expensive day of your life?  What does it matter to YOU to be able to have all the parts of that day observed, captured, edited, kept safe and presented in the most caring way? How important it is for YOU to have a documentary and creative record of your most loved people around you… partying, laughing, crying happy tears?

Getting your friend to photograph your wedding might be cheap…or free! But how will YOU feel if you won’t get decent pictures?

It’s YOUR choice.

Choose professional wedding photographer

Tender moment between elderly wedding guests


You might think that it will be easy for your friend to take pictures of they day…as they are already there as a guest.

Choose professional wedding photographer

Multi-tasking guest at a wedding. Don’t drink and shoot!

The reality is, you have to be really focused on what’s going on at a wedding. You simply can’t relax, have a drink and a chat. And if you do, you will miss the most precious moments. The kind of pictures which will later make you howl with laughter or weep at the memories of someone dear.

Weddings are incredibly fast moving events. Asking your friend to photograph it for you while they are having a good time as guests is putting a massive pressure on that person and most likely robbing them of the experience of enjoying your wedding.



They might have mentioned to you before that they might give a wedding photography a whirl.  It’s true, they have a good camera and they’ve taken lots of decent shots on their holidays. They well might be honoured if you ask them to take pictures at your wedding. And it could be a good practice for them…before they turn professional and start charging money.

The things is, shooting a wedding is a massive responsibility. Its one of those days which can’t be repeated. So please do remember that, under the prospect of that pressure it’s not unusual for people to pull out in the last minute. What will you do if that happens?

Is it worth putting  your friends under such pressure, risking them cancelling last minute? In the worst case scenario, if they fail to produce anything decent or miss key elements of your wedding, you might end up falling out with your good friend.

What are the chances of ruining your friendship as well as your wedding pictures?

Choose professional wedding photographer

Friends photographing your wedding


DIY weddings are very popular. It’s hard work, but good fun to make table plans together with your girlfriends or cook your best jam and bottle it into cute little jars with a hand written note fo reach guests.

On the other hand, giving a task to your friends to take pictures of your wedding day is a completely different matter. Giving disposable and Palaroid cameras to your friends will most likely mean lots of selfies and “say cheese” photos of your guests. People’s enthusiasm to take pictures dries up just as quick as their wine glasses. By the time the speeches are announced there will be very few people dedicated to take a shot of your dad as he is fighting tears during his speech.

People get engrossed into having fun! You can’t expect for them to stay focused for 10 hours like a wedding photographer does. I may well have shed a few tears during  moving speeches, but I made damn sure I caught on camera everyone else’s hankies wiping those tears away!


This is another big one. It has nothing to do with emotions and the pressure of shooting a wedding. The is all about the SKILL.

I am convinced that anyone can take a handful of good pictures at any wedding. But will your friend be able to shoot a set of consistency great images from the bridal preps till the dancing shoes time? Will they be able to edit them in a consistent style?

A professional wedding photographer would have developed their style of editing over the years. A collection of images from your friend’s cameras all processed in a different style will not make a pretty wedding album.

Also, as the sun goes down and the light is fading, it will be even harder to shoot good pictures without the special skills which only a professional wedding photographer will have.

Be honest with yourself. If you and your friends love a great party – you will want to have some ace party shots! Not the dark and blurry pictures of the floor. Right?!

choose a professional photographer for your wedding dance party

Grandparents stealing the show at a wedding right after the first dance

choose a professional wedding photographer for your first dance

Top class first dance under a Murano glass chandelier


Smiley happy picture are what all brides want. It is after all going to be the happiest day of your life with a big party to celebrate.

Any good professional wedding photographer will be able to capture those smiles. If anything, smiles are very easy to capture at weddings – you are going to be happy!


Wedding portraits are about the two of you, not about you smiling down the lens! 


Weddings though are not just about smiles. Emotions are running very high and you will be glad to have pictures of you and your family and friends feeling emotional and even vulnerable, but still looking stunning.

Some of the most meaningful pictures happen when you don’t know that the camera is sill shooting. Hiring a professional wedding photographer will mean that you will get truly sincere images and not just the obvious shots.

choose a professional wedding photographer and let your friends enjoy themselves

Happy bride laughing with all her girlfriends at a wedding

choose a professional wedding photographer instead of a friend to capture your wedding

Bride’s sister looking at their dad as he contemplates the wedding day

choose a professional wedding photographer instead of a family member to capture your wedding

Groom giving a hug to his grandmother AFTER the formal group picture is taken

choose a professional wedding photographer who will see beyond the obvious

Seeing beyond the obvious


If I’ve not yet convinced you that you should hire a professional wedding photographer, then here is my last and final point.

Professional wedding photographers are so much more than people who photograph your wedding.

  • I help with planning a timeline to accommodate all you ideas. As a wedding photographer I literally see the whole of the wedding day unfold in front of me from the moments of the bridal preparations through to the evening party. I can advise on how efficiently manage your time with all of the talented people you will bring in, from the make-up artists and hair people to the band.
  • I provide recommendations for bands, florists, make-up artists, stationery, wedding cake makers and beyond.
  • On countless occasions I helped to save the day with getting bride’s dress fastened, buttonholes pinned, wine stained removed and so on.
  • With years of experience of being at weddings, I am on hand to calm the nerves.
  • I’ll walk you through any posing concerns so you will feel comfortable, gorgeous and elegant in your wedding portraits.


I hope you are convinced that you should hire a professional wedding photographer!

You have to trust that special person to capture your wedding day artistically, save the day with the back up gear and experience and allow your family and friends have a ball together with you at your wedding!

choose a professional wedding photographer to capture your day

Some of professional wedding photographers’ competition

choose a professional wedding photographer to capture your day

Professional photographer will capture your wedding for generations to come

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