We want relaxed wedding portraits

This is such a small part of any wedding day, yet it can either make or break it.  We’ve all heard of (or had to participate) in those formal group photos…which take forever because no one really wants to put their canapés and a glass of a bubbly down and pose for the photographer.

The fact is, on a busy wedding day it’s hard to guarantee any specific photographs. However in years to come, you will be glad that you’ve put aside 15 minutes to take some relaxed wedding portraits with your loved once.

Palm House Sefton Park wedding photos

Unprompted wedding party portrait. Really!

I took this picture on a cold autumn afternoon. It was literally the last shot of the “formal” groups. “Right, that’s a wrap. You are free to do what you please now!” And they literally jumped and threw those flowers in the air. Completely unprompted by me.

This is the thing, some of the group poses can be considered incredibly cheesy if they’ve been set up. For example, I would never dream of asking the grooms party to lift the bride…or the groom, for that matter. However, you can be sure I will take that picture if that’s what you and your friends will be doing. It’s funny and memorable when you do it if you feel like it. If the mood is right!

Mere Court Hotel wedding photos

Holding the groom up

Combermere Abbey wedding photos

This was definitely a “private joke” kind of pose

Combermere Abbey wedding photos

Impossible to set up, but funny, memorable and real if it comes from you

The venue’s role in wedding portraits

The choice of your venue will inevitably play a large role in the kind of wedding you will have. Castle weddings are really quite different from barn weddings. The fun and excitement of the day will be no doubt aplenty, whatever the venue. However, you can be sure that I will incorporate the atmosphere and the backdrops, when possible into your group photographs.

Chester Cathedral wedding photographer

The introduction of Canon Precentor: Jeremy Dussek in this picture made the very formal backdrop of the Chester Cathedral more “human”

Bryngwyn Hall wedding pictures

quick group pictures at weddings should only take few minutes

beach wedding photos

beach wedding means that it’s going to have super informal group photos

Combermere Abbey wedding photos

Your wedding will be as unique as you are. And you can be sure that your wedding portraits will be fun, quick and relaxed with a nod to the setting of your celebrations.