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engagement photo session farm cows

what is your ideal engagement photo session?

Why should you have an engagement photo session

I have often been asked why an engagement photo session is important. The truth is they are not completely necessary… BUT they are like that next level of a game. They allow you extra possibilities and equip you with more handy tools. Let me explain what I mean.

Getting to know your photographer

Your photographer is going to spend more time with you on your wedding day than any other person you will book to make your day extra special. It’s super important that you get on well and understand each other.

engagement photo session top mountains

Engagement photo session in a cocktail dress and a DJ

Sharing what’s important for you

Every wedding is really unique. As much as there is a certain pattern to most weddings, the personality of each couple will determine lots of different elements of the day. For your pictures to be truly personal to you, it’s a great idea tell your photographer a bit about your family.

Engagement photo-session are a perfect opportunity to chat about things like your Mum’s garden and how she is growing all the flowers for the table arrangements. Perhaps your grandparents are local ballroom champions and your photographer will make sure to capture them in action.  Let you photographer know if your sister wants to Skype from Australia during your wedding ceremony. Knowing this in advance the photographer can advise on the best way to capture it.  If  you are lucky to have a great grandmother who is nearly 100 and you’d love to visit her on the way from the church – mention that too. It’s a good idea to allow plenty of time for this important visit. Your family is super important on your wedding day. And your wedding photographs should be able to show your family’s relationships and connections. Knowing a bit about each of them will inevitably help to create a more wholesome picture.

ideal engagement photo session

Relaxed engagement photo session in the woods

Practice in front of the camera

Not all of us have been born to be a model. Most of us are desperately shy in front of the camera…yet earn to look a million dollars and especially on our wedding day. From my personal experience in fashion industry, from the classroom and from years of shooting weddings I have amassed an invaluable collection of tips on how to look great in your pictures. Engagement photo session will allow the opportunity to practice how to look naturally gorgeous and relaxed. On your wedding day you will be like a pro!

ideal engagement photo session like Ed Sheeran

Wedding stationery

If you plan your engagement session in advance, you can use your gorgeous images for your wedding stationery. Save the date cards, Invitations, table plan and a signature board – all can include some lovely pictures of you. Including your pictures with Save the Date cards and Invitations always adds to the excitement of your guests!

ideal  engagement photo session

Enjoy the time together

You might have noticed already that wedding planning and preparations can be a bit hectic. In the whirlwind of planning your big day it’s not too difficult to forget the main reason you are organising it. It really is all about you two – together forever. Engagement photo-session is a perfect opportunity to do something romantic and memorable together and have lovely pictures to remember it by.

On the wedding day itself you will be lucky to have half hour for each other. The rest of the time you will be busy being hosts to your loved ones and…well getting married! Engagement photo sessions put the focus of the whole wedding planning right on to you two and allow you to concentrate on each other 🙂

 ideal engagement photo session

Fun engagement photo session in the local park

Opportunity to get creative

Weddings are extremely busy events. Betweens the limits of the day’s timeline and the weather forecast, it’s not always possible to fulfil all creative plans and ideas.

Engagement photo sessions are perfect for  trying something new or re-creating something that’s inspired you. Your choice of location will undoubtedly influence your photographs, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be the other way around. If you are looking for a certain feel in your images, then the location can be chosen to accommodate your ideas.

I had most fun time photographing one engagement session in an apple orchard. Once I was with my couple in a field of 400 cows for an engagement session. I climbed to the Welsh mountains to capture a super dressy couple in their DJ and a cocktail dress. We used the unmistakable Liverpool docks as a backdrop for another engagement session!

 engagement photo session woods

Practicing some natural posing here

Bring your pet day

Your pets are absolutely welcome to come and join you in your engagement session. I love dogs and happy around all kind of animals, including the 400 cows, horses and donkeys.  Whether you want to have a gentle stroll through the forest with your dogs or gallop across the fields on your horses – I’d love to capture that for you!

 engagement photo session dogs

Relaxed and beautiful engagement photo session while taking your dog for a walk