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The Personal bit … of this Wedding Photographer

Hello, I am Yana… North West of England has been my home for most of my adult life… but i was born in Russia, lived in Siberia, Central Russia and Baltic States…and now France is the place where I spend several months a year as well.

Over the years, as my winters are getting warmer, my winter activities have changed from sledging in -45C degrees to strolls along a Mediterranean promenade. Admittedly, not every day!

I love outdoors – Welsh coastal paths and Tuscan rolling hills alike.

You probably will detect my Russian accent. It’s always a great ice-breaker when meeting new people, especially at weddings. Most people think it’s only a faint impression of what you’ve heard in some movies 😉 I used to be able to speak Spanish, but I’m learning French now and finding it a bit hard. Still I am determined to learn language of European aristocrats, Louis de Funès (fabulous French slapstick comedy actor) and Sophie Marceau!

The Photographer bit … of this Wedding Photographer

I am shooting digital…. Canon, but started photography last century…on film in a fairly exclusive club of half-frame cameras.

Even then I could get more out of my camera than most of photographers – 72 exposures from each roll, all developed in my own bathroom with heavy towels blocking the little window… Memories…

I have been professionally photographing weddings for over 12 years and won various awards. However, I’m not the one to submit to competitions. It may sound cheesy, but happiness of my wedding couples who love their wedding images is the only commendation I need.

International is my middle name. The last time I checked, I have my work displayed in 18 countries around the world.

Being part of the international world is very important to me and I love working with people from all over the world. Ever since my university days, I was part of an international community and keep in touch with friends from many countries.

Travel, new cultures, new food, new architecture, dance, fashion and natural light are my inspiration. The Hermitage and the palaces of St Petersburg, people watching on the leafy boulevards of Paris, fashion show catwalks in London and so many other truly inspirational places and people have enriched my perception of life.

I am constantly inspired by femininity and a beautiful form. Modern day femininity doesn’t always have to be breathless and covered in tule. It pairs timeless with edgy, grace with rock-n-roll. Like modern ballet. I love ballet. To me, ballet dancers are the ultimate combination of grace and steel.

The Wedding bit…

My aim is to tell the story of your romance, your love and relationship through my unobtrusive, natural images. I want to capture the emotions, the atmosphere, the setting of your beautiful wedding using the beautiful natural light, all my skill of a keen observer and a natural appreciation of elegance and sophistication.

My wedding photography is perfect for anyone who loves to have a fun wedding, but also look great in pictures. Anyone who feels that having your pictures is a really awkward thing to do, yet still want to look natural. And beautiful.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer who knows how to balance the fun of a wedding day with the classy capture – then get in touch!

I look forward to hearing about you and your world.

Yana x

Who are you and what is your world?

You are fun… most of the time.

You are easy going and sometimes You are quite particular about things.

You are adventurous and brave in your choices.

You love little real moments, yet up for striking a dramatic pose for a camera.

You love having a laugh, but don’t want the double chins in every shot.

You enjoy your hair blowing carefree in the wind as you hug each other in that natural photograph, but don’t want to see the bins in that picture.

The idea of posing for photos make you cringe, but your natural photographs still have to look beautiful and be effortless .

You love your travels and have many friends who hail from various different countries. You are equally comfortable in an elegant gown as well as tracking shorts and boots.

Your wedding is going to be an adventure and look forward to bringing all your favourite people together for the party.

Does this sounds like you?  If so, I’d love to hear from you!

I think we will get on beautifully! Put a little bit about yourself HERE and hit that send button! ­

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