cheshire wedding photographer
cheshire wedding photographer
cheshire wedding photographer

Your Cheshire Wedding Photographer

Award winning wedding photographer based in the heart of Cheshire, UK and covering the whole of North West, including Manchester weddings, Liverpool weddings and Chester weddings.

I had the pleasure to capture wedding celebrations in the imposing manor house wedding venues as well as festival weddings set in tipis and marquees in the Great British and Welsh countryside. 

It's really easy to travel from Chester to weddings in Shropshire as well as to the Lakes in Cumbria and to the tip of North Wales into Anglesey. No extra charges for travel apply.

cheshire wedding photographer

Destination Wedding Photographer

I have a lot of experience working with international clients from around the world for my portrait work as well as weddings. I have photographed weddings in the most romantic and picturesque locations.

This past year my destination weddings took me to Mediterranean coastline of Italy, hills and valleys of Tuscany, French chateaux and vineyards as well as a beach wedding in Antibes and most recently a wedding in Paris. 

I am lucky to be based in France for some part of the year and I have a dedicated website for my destination weddings, which can be viewed HERE. 

cheshire wedding photographer

Documentary Wedding Photographer

Weddings are such busy, emotional, monumental events in people's lives. Whether you choose to share it with 200 of your friends or embark on an elopement - the central point for your day is the fact that you love each other

I believe my main reason for being a part of your day is to document your love, the emotions, the looks, the dance moves. The relationships on the background of your chosen setting.

As a skilled observer, I will be in the right place at the right time and use my best friend - the natural light to capture the magic of your day not forgetting to take some stunning wedding portraits of the two of you!

cheshire wedding photographer

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Beautiful wedding pictures

When I was looking for my wedding photographer, I wasn't particulalry interested in how they like their coffee and if they are reading Harry Potter or Hunger Games books. Incidentally, at the time I was not familiar with the catchy industry words which they used to described their style - fine art, contemporary, documentary, reportage... if they would say "impressionism" or "cubism" it would make more sence to me! However, can you imagine a wedding in a cubism style?! Ha!  

I had to LOVE their pictures!

Can you imagine yourself in photographs which show your day as it happened, unposed and uniterrupted by your photographer? Can you see yourself looking your absolute best, but not being told where to stand and which way to look? How would you like to have emotions of your day come back to you in each and every photograph? 

I photograph each wedding as it unfolds. Don't get me wrong, I don't just snap away hoping for the best. I know what's your plan, I know what's important to you, we've discussed which guests are particularly close to your heart and who have flown from far away lands. I'm fully aware of the time when your caterers want you in place, so the food will be served at it's best. All this and more has been discussed before the wedding day and now you are here to enjoy every minute of it and I am here to capture it for forever for you. 

I am being perfectly honest, when I say that your wedding day is just as important for me as it is for you. But you can keep the ring and all that comes with it!! 

Want to know more about me? Read on... 

Will I be prepared to take your formal group pictures? Find out HERE

The Real


Wedding Photographer … Telling the story of your lives

It's only when you are part of the wedding world, you truly realise how totally unique each wedding is.

Bride and groom's personalities are just a start...

Family relationships, multicultural connections and even readings for weddings - all going to influence the kind of day you will have. Furthermore, your choice of a wedding venue... whether it is a beach wedding or a castle wedding in the hues of a Cheshire red sandstone...all these details are going to make your celebration like no other. 

Can all of these weddings be captured in one photography style? I'd say each one needs to be captured differently. 

I'm keen to find out about you and wedding plans, so I know exactly what you want and what your dreams are. And then, once we trust each other, you can go and enjoy your day and I can capture the magic of it for you.

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Glamorous city Chester wedding

Stylish Cheshire wedding

Just beyond Cheshire wedding

Cheshire Wedding Photographer

I live and work in Chester – the heart of Cheshire. I am a Cheshire wedding photographer purely from geographical position.  Even more importantly, Chester weddings have started my photography career over 12 years ago. Since then I was a photographer for many wedding beyond Chester and Cheshire. You will find me travelling to photographer weddings in Manchester, Liverpool, North Wales, the Lakes and to European destinations.

If you don’t read any further than this paragraph…  All I want you to know is that I love photographing weddings. I genuinely put my heart and soul in every one of them.  My aim is to capture all the emotions, your family relationship and love as it is without staging or posing.

Oh, and I will make you look fabulous!

Cheshire and Shropshire wedding venues

What are the first things which we associate with Chester and Cheshire? As kids we learnt about Cheshire Cat. Some will know about Cheshire dairy farming. However, once you get engaged and start looking for weddings venues you learn why photographers love Cheshire. Cheshire’s known for some of the most beautiful stately homes which’ve opened their doors as exclusive wedding venues.

More recently, with popularity of festival weddings and barn wedding increasing, Cheshire has cornered that part of the wedding market too. The stunning landscapes of Cheshire and Shropshire are very popular for marquee and tipi weddings. If you are an outdoor kind of person, the views will rival any wood panelled drawing room. If it’s not raining, of course!  The great variety of wedding venues and the central location of Cheshire makes it for a desirable place to get married. It’s really exciting to be a wedding photographer in Cheshire!

North Wales – Cheshire’s beautiful neighbour

It takes less than 10 minutes to get to North Wales from Chester. It will take another half hour to reach the stunning Welsh mountains and the beaches. My Welsh weddings are always brimming with great food, fantastic hospitality and lots of speeches! And landscape, photographers love the Welsh landscapes! I travel as far as Anglesey – the beautiful little island off the top corner of North Wales to photograph weddings.

Some of my favourite Cheshire wedding venues: Tatton Park, Nunsmere Hall, Soughton Hall, Peckforton CastleRowton Hall Hotel, The Chester Grosvenor, Thornton Manor, Abbeywood Estate, Inglewood Manor, Wrenbury Hall, Oddfellows Chester, Hillbark Hotel, Hilton DoubleTree Chester, Combermere Abbey.

I’d love to shoot and Arley Hall wedding and a Knowsley Hall wedding.Walton Hall looks incredible and the new venue near Tarpoley – Tilston House look lovely. So if you are getting married – do get in touch!

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